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Consequences of violating an Order of Protection in Illinois

Recently there has been a big effort throughout the nation to bring a stop to domestic violence, including physical abuse, spousal abuse and sexual abuse. The NFL and other organizations have made commercials and raised awareness through other events as a part of this effort. It is too early to tell how much of an effect these efforts will have, but the fact is that at this point in time there are many victims of domestic violence in Illinois.

Obtaining help from Illinois Domestic Violence Victim Services

With the recent news surrounding NFL running back Ray Rice's domestic assault case, there is a lot of attention being paid to domestic violence in general. This is an issue that is unfortunately prevalent in Illinois as well as the rest of the nation. Domestic violence, which can involve more than just physical abuse, can be very traumatizing and in many instances the victims need legal help in dealing with the situation. However, many domestic violence victims may not know where or how to obtain that help.

Benefits of an Illinois order of protection

Domestic violence in Illinois is a difficult issue to talk about and an even tougher one to eliminate. There are many victims of domestic violence and it can have very detrimental effects on both the victim and their family. Unfortunately, many victims of domestic violence are not just abused one time. Often there are multiple incidents and the abuse can continue for years. Therefore, it is important to help ensure that the abuser is not able to have contact with the victim.

5K planned to bring awareness to domestic violence

Unfortunately there are countless victims of domestic violence each year in Illinois. The victims come from many different communities and from very different backgrounds. Domestic violence can also come in a variety of forms such as verbal or emotional abuse, spousal abuse or physical abuse. Many times it stays behind closed doors and only a handful of people know about it, but once it is out in the open it can affect many people beyond just the victim.

Press conference being held to start Child Abuse Prevention Month

Many people in Illinois have been around or a part of domestic abuse. It comes in many forms such as verbal abuse, emotional abuse and physical abuse. Often times there is a combination of all three of those. It can involve just the parents or the children as well and many times both are involved. Domestic violence involving the children can be very detrimental to them and the effects can last a lifetime.

Students dance to bring awareness to domestic violence

There are many instances of domestic violence in Illinois each year. The abuse can be in the form of emotional or physical abuse and could be towards spouses, significant others or children. These occurrences could have devastating consequences for the victim and the family as a whole. For many, it can be embarrassing and they do not tell anyone about it. Furthermore, it is often the case that the victim is scared of the possible retaliation if they ever tell someone about it. So the biggest hurdle to stopping domestic violence is the first step of telling someone about it.

Tougher penalties in place for domestic abusers in Illinois

Abuse occurs in many homes in Illinois. Sometimes it is verbal or emotional abuse and other times there is also physical abuse. The abuse can be between adults in the home and other times it will also include the children as well. Any form of domestic violence can have a devastating effect on the victims' lives. The effects can also last for a very long time, especially if there is repeat abuse in the home.

Illinois domestic violence shelter receives large grant

Unfortunately, many people in Illinois are victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence can occur in the form of physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse and sometimes a combination of all three. Many times the victims of this abuse do not have anywhere to go after they have been abused. To help these victims, many shelters have been set up around Illinois to provide a safe place for the victims to escape their abusers. However, many shelters are limited in their capabilities due to a lack of resources.

Beloit domestic dispute ended only by SWAT and negotiators

Domestic problems can quickly spiral out of control. Arguments can rage and become physical in the blink of an eye. Domestic violence, when it occurs, can place men, women, and children at risk of serious harm. If emotional or physical abuse goes unchecked for too long, the risk can become a scary reality.

Jodi Arias, domestic violence and orders of protection

As many of our readers have heard, through watching or reading the news, the Jodi Arias trial has our country buzzing with talk about one of the most brutal and controversial murders reported in 2013. According to news reports, Arias killed her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, by stabbing him in the abdomen and back 27 times, slitting his throat from ear to ear, and shooting him in the head. Throughout the course of the trial, psychology experts have been brought in to provide their expert opinion regarding the motives and reasoning behind Arias' bizarre actions. Among the many disturbing parts of this case include Arias' claim that she was a victim of domestic violence during her relationship with Alexander, and her murder was simply an act of self-defense. While the jury decides on the legitimacy of her claim, it is important for us to be aware of what qualifies as domestic violence, and how to leave an abusive relationship. The following describes the criteria used by Illinois law in determining domestic violence:

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