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Determining child custody in Illinois

Divorce and child custody matters can be very difficult for the parents involved. They are generally very emotional decisions as well. Due to the combination of the emotions and the complicated nature of the determination, many times a custody determination becomes quite contentious. Understanding the process and legal basis involved in custody determinations can be very beneficial.

How does joint custody differ from sole custody?

There are many couples in Illinois who have contemplated a divorce or may be in the process of starting one. There are some issues that any couple going through a divorce will have to work out, but child custody and child support are issues that only those couples with minor children will need to decide upon.

Bethenny Frankel testifies during child custody dispute

Fans of Bethenny Frankel in Illinois probably are well aware that she is going through a bitter child custody battle as a part of her divorce from Jason Hoppy. Frankel, who is a former reality television star and talk show host, filed for divorce in January of 2013. She is seeking primary custody of the couple's 4-year-old daughter. Her husband is seeking joint custody. Frankel testified in court recently and talked about the verbal abuse and other behavior her husband has displayed since she filed for divorce.

LGBT parents often times lose child custody battles

In Illinois, more and more people are ending heterosexual marriages and relationships and entering into same-sex relationships. There are also many others who have been in long-term same-sex relationships, without being able to marry and have children together. As this becomes more common and, especially, as same-sex couples are now able to legally marry in Illinois, child custody disputes involving LBGT individuals will become more and more common.

Dwayne Wade's custody battle continues with IL judge's ruling

While child custody issues can be emotional, and sometimes difficult, it is important that all parties focus on achieving the best interests of the children.

Types of Child Custody: Part 3

Two of the most important terms for divorcing parents to familiarize themselves with are "sole custody" and "joint custody." An innumerable amount of factors play a part in the determination of which parent will be awarded custody, if not both parents. However, regarding child support rulings, the ultimate determining factor is based on the best interest of the child. As the courts see fit, either joint custody will be awarded to both parents, or sole custody will be awarded to one parent. Every family dynamic is different, and while joint custody may be the most effective plan for one family, it may be completely toxic for another. The following description includes the differences between joint and sole custody, and may help you and your partner determine which parenting plan may be best for you.

Top 3 Divorce Lawyers in Rockford

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