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Clarification on Illinois spousal maintenance

Over the past few months, our firm has discussed recent transformations within Illinois family law. Most changes went into effect at the beginning of 2016. Much to our liking, one legal amendment has helped elucidate spousal maintenance formulas in terms of calculating the amount and duration of support payments pursuant to a divorce.

Learn more about the impending changes to Illinois' alimony laws

The holiday season is officially here. While it's understandable how you can get caught up in everything this entails, it's important not to overlook your legal affairs for too long -- especially if you are considering or are already in the middle of a divorce.

Spousal support at issue in divorce of "7th Heaven" actor

Illinois fans of the popular television show "7th Heaven" may have heard about the current divorce case of actor Stephen Collins, who played the father. Recently an audio recording of the actor, in which he allegedly admitted molesting underage girls in the past, appeared on a popular entertainment website. Collins' wife admits she turned the tape over to police but denies releasing it to the website.

Learn more about the evolution of spousal support in Illinois

Our firm recently published an important SlideShare presentation about how alimony, also known as maintenance under state law, is going to undergo a major change. View our presentation below for insight into what the future holds concerning spousal support.

Clint Eastwood fighting spousal support and child custody demands

More and more marriages in Illinois are ending in divorce. There are many reasons for the increase, but despite the numbers going up, divorces can still be very complicated. Emotions generally run high during a divorce and can cloud a reasonable person's judgment. Many times the couple no longer sees a reason to cooperate and just wants what they think they deserve. There are many issues that need to be resolved in a divorce, and, therefore, there can also be many disputes.

Facebook use linked to higher divorce rates

Illinois residents may be interested to learn that there may be a link between Facebook use and divorce rates. The Journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking will soon publish a report that found excessive Facebook users were more likely to experience Facebook related conflicts with their significant others, which can lead to cheating, breakups and even divorce.

Demi wants "Moore" out of divorce from Ashton Kutcher

With half of all marriages ending divorce, it is no surprise that numerous celebrities have gone through the process. The difference from the rest of society is that celebrity divorces usually grab headlines and may become a public spectacle. Between cheating scandals, alimony demands and high asset division, celebrity divorce is closely followed by the media. Many Rockford-area residents are familiar with the ongoing divorce between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

Your Entitlement to Divorce Maintenance: 4 Factors to Consider

If you are considering a divorce, you are most likely aware of your rights to alimony, or "maintenance", as it is commonly referred to in Illinois. Maintenance consists of an agreement between two divorcing parties ordered by the courts in which one spouse makes consistent monetary payments to the other after the dissolution of marriage. As you proceed with your divorce, it is important to be aware of the factors surrounding maintenance law. The following describes some of the factors the courts will consider in ruling on divorce maintenance.

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