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Court reviews custody battle of adoptive parents, birth parents

Many adoptive parents here in Illinois may share the same nightmare, that of the biological parents attempting to regain custody post-adoption. State and federal adoption laws are written in such a way that makes this rare, however, a couple of high-profile cases over the years have demonstrated that this can happen. A case that is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court surrounds this issue.

Child custody: avoiding oversharing about kids on social media sites

Photo-sharing on Facebook and other social media websites has transformed the way many Americans share their lives. Much of the time, it can be a wonderful thing, to post pictures of your kids and enjoy the affirming responses of your online friends.

Who pays for the kids' health insurance after divorce?

Insurance is a basic building block of a settled financial life. It isn't just that car insurance is required by the state to get a driver's license. Pretty soon, as ObamaCare take full effect, health insurance will be required as well, unless you want to pay penalties to the IRS.

Grandparent Visitation: Sometimes an Uphill Battle

What rights do you as a grandparent have to visitation? The answer, unfortunately, is that you may have very few. Below, however, are a some suggestions to help ensure you get the most time with your grandchild.

Four Contradictory Words of Advice for Any Custody Battle

Divorce and custody cases can be a maze to navigate. The contradictory advice you receive from divorce attorneys often doesn't make it any easier. Hopefully, these not-so-consistent guidelines help provide some insight.

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