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Representing parents in disputes over decision-making

A previous post here discussed the concept of joint legal custody, which is now rolled in under the term "allocation of parental responsibilities." To review, joint legal custody refers to a custody setup in which both parents must be involved in and make the most significant decisions in a child's life together.

What does "joint custody" mean?

While the phrase "joint custody" is commonly used, some residents of Rockford, Illinois, may not have a clear idea of what that term means. Legally, it's important to remember that, recently, Illinois courts have changed to use the term "allocation of parental responsibilities" instead of terms like "custody" and "visitation". Still, average Rockford residents may be more familiar with talking about custody and visitation.

Review of how to enforce a child custody order

While it is true that it is always ideal when two Rockford, Illinois, parents who happen to live apart are able to get along well enough to coordinate child custody, parenting time and parental responsibilities in a friendly manner, sometimes this is not possible.

What is the right of first refusal?

Across the board, Illinois law recognizes that children need both of their parents involved in their lives. Therefore, when Rockford parents wind up in separate homes, Illinois family courts will generally want to make sure the child spends time with one parent or the other as much as possible.

Alternative means of resolving custody issues- Part II

Many Rockford, Illinois, parents are probably willing to try to work out their child custody and parenting time issues out with each other without going to court. Not only does doing so save time, stress and money, it also, we are consistently reminded, an important component of making sure that one's children are able to heal more completely after a divorce.

Review of Illinois' relocation laws in child custody cases

Especially with people taking the time now at the end of the year to plot out their futures, many Rockford, Illinois, residents might be contemplating a move to be closer to extended family, take a new and better job or some other reason.

What are an unmarried father's rights in a child custody case?

If you're a Rockford man who has fathered a child and you are not married to the mother, you may have questions about what your rights and responsibilities will be towards that child. This is especially true if your relationship with the mother comes to an end and you are concerned that you need to exercise your legal rights. Can unmarried fathers fight for child custody or visitation?

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