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Pros and cons of hiring a divorce attorney: issues to consider when debating whether to go pro se

While hiring an attorney to handle your divorce is not legally required, it often is beneficial. Many who do not hire a divorce attorney (commonly referred to as going "pro se"), feel that it is economically the best decision. As you weigh the costs and benefits of using an attorney's services versus going pro se, it is in your best interest to be informed of the implications of both sides. The following describe a few pros and cons of hiring a divorce attorney.

More women risk losing health insurance after divorce

According to a recent study, women are at great risk of losing health insurance as a result of divorce. The study found that 115,000 women in the United States lose health insurance each year because of divorce. Many might think that women can just purchase new health insurance on their own through COBRA or buying private insurance. Unfortunately these plans tend to be very expensive, and women might have a difficult time paying for them. Even women who make well above the poverty level and are considered middle-income might have difficulty making payments.

Divorce and data privacy in the digital age

The lack of privacy between marriage partners was a potential problem long before the arrival of the digital age. When things go wrong between spouses and each has access to personal information about the other, opportunities for the misuse of that information are undeniable.

Divorce after 50 requires careful financial decisions

Divorce after age 50 can be quite different than divorce earlier in life. It isn't just that the children may be grown, making custody and parenting time decisions moot. It's the fact that, with retirement on the not-that-distant horizon, money issues may take on heightened importance for both you and your ex.

Child support and the cost of raising a child

No matter what type of child custody arrangement you have for the kids after a divorce, money is likely to be factor. After all, the cost of raising a child is so high that even the most committed parents can experience moments when sticker shock when confronted with the round number.

How does divorce affect Social Security benefits?

In our previous post, we wrote about how divorce can raise many different types of financial issues. This week, let's focus on a specific aspect of this, namely the impact of divorce on Social Security benefits. With the divorce rate as high as it is for people over 50, this is clearly an issue that affects a lot of people, including many baby boomers.

Divorce and finances: many complicating factors

By any measure, money is a significant factor in many divorces. Tension over financial issues may contribute to causing the divorce in the first place. But the issues don't end, just because you're splitting up. They just take a different form.

Divorce and the holidays: emotions abound

The holidays are coming. For newly divorced parents with children, this definitely requires some deliberate planning. In fact, even if you and your ex have been apart for awhile, the emotional and logistical hurdles of the holidays can be considerable.

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