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Dividing large assets in Illinois

Unlike several other states, Illinois divorce law does not start out by assuming that everything needs to be divided 50/50 during a divorce. Illinois courts aim to ensure that property is divided in just proportion. While fairness can be a fairly subjective concept, there are several factors that courts typically consider when arriving at a decision.

Successful co-parenting after a divorce

Illinois parents whose marriages are ending may not have the greatest trust in each other to begin with, and the divorce process can further exacerbate these issues. However, people who are planning to co-parent will have to work on trusting each other again, to an extent. For the sake of the children, people should try not to assume that their ex-spouse is always acting with bad intentions.

Illinois divorcees need to think about digital data

Although many people believe that their digital lives are private, couples who separate should be aware of the possibility that their divorces may involve a thorough examination of the data they generate. Things like text messages, social media interactions and emails can all be used as evidence in family law proceedings. Some couples have even gone as far as to include stipulations in their marriage contracts that prohibit certain uses of social media data in divorce cases.

Getting a divorce in Illinois after the age of 50

Gray divorces, a term that refers to those that take place after the couple is 50 years or older, have risen sharply in the last few decades. According to researchers from the National Center for Family and Marriage Research, the number of gray divorces doubled between 1990 and 2014. For those who were over 65, the rate of divorce rose even more sharply.

Kids and divorce

The end of the marriage is always an unhappy time. This is particularly true for couples in Illinois and throughout the country who have children. Not only do the adults have to struggle with their own emotions, but there is also the challenge of helping children through what is often a very traumatic time.

Scheduling the holidays after divorce

The holiday season is a time to sing well-beloved Christmas carols, eat memory-rich food, spend time with those you hold dear and offer gifts to the ones you love most. After divorce, this time of year can become tricky with children, deciding who gets which days, scheduling pick-ups and drop-offs, and determining how to handle presents. This year, the best gift you can give your kids is peaceful, happy memories with both parents, together or separately.

Divorce on the decline

When couples in Illinois get married divorce statistics are probably the last things on their minds. Still, many experts believe that marriages have roughly a 50 percent chance of succeeding although recent studies show that actual divorce numbers are declining.

What happens to student loans after a divorce?

Illinois residents whose spouses have student loan debt and who are getting a divorce might be responsible for a portion of that debt. If it was acquired prior to marriage, then the debt will belong to the person who incurred it. If one person received the student loan after getting married, then it may be considered shared marital debt.

How divorce may affect older women financially

Baby boomers were twice as likely to get a divorce in 2010 as the same age group was in 1990, and according to research, this may leave women in a particularly financially vulnerable position. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, women who divorced later in life are more likely to remain in the workforce between the ages of 50 and 74 than women who remained married.

Options to resolve child custody issues

Illinois parents who are going through a divorce will need to determine how to handle child custody. While it would be ideal for both spouses to always agree on how to co-parent their children after a divorce, this is not always the case. When differences do arise, there are several options available to the couple.

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