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IL Supreme Court case highlights lack of financial protections for unmarried couples

Protecting oneself financially is important whenever a long-standing relationship fails. This is as important for unmarried couples as it is for married couples. In some ways, it is more important for unmarried couples given that state law does not provide any special entitlements.

How do judges figure amount and duration of spousal maintenance?

We previously began looking at the issue of spousal maintenance or support, specifically how Illinois courts determine whether a spouse is entitled to maintenance.  Picking up where we left off last time, if a judge determines it is just to award maintenance to a spouse, the amount and duration of the award needs to be determined.

When is a spouse entitled to maintenance in Illinois?

In divorce, it is critical to work with an experienced attorney who can help ensure a fair settlement is reached with respect to assets and debts. Property division in Illinois, is governed by the principle of equitable distribution, and state law requires courts to come to ensure that property and debts are divided in a manner that is “just and equitable.”

What is parental alienation and what can be done about it?, P.2

In our last post, we began looking at the topic of parental alienation and how parents can address it. Parental alienation can, of course, be very harmful to children, and it is therefore a concern of the court when a parent displays behaviors which suggest he or she is attempting to turn a child against the other parent or negatively impact the child’s relationship with the other parent.

Do you have the power to make decisions for your partner?

Not every couple in Illinois wants to get married. To be sure, marriage is a personal choice, but there can be unexpected consequences if one unmarried partner suddenly becomes ill and incapacitated. In this situation, someone needs to make decisions about the medical care of the ill person. If the unmarried couple has not established a power of attorney for health care, then neither partner will have a legal say about important medical decisions pertaining to the other in the case of an emergency.

New IL law brings changes to language around custody, visitation

Careful communication is critical to helping resolve disputes, particularly emotional disputes. In child custody cases, this is especially true given the attachment parents have around issues of custody. This is partly what underlies recent changes made to state law concerning custody issues.

The dangers of texting your ex during divorce or custody dispute

By now, most people realize that the things you say and do online can have a big impact on your divorce or child custody dispute. Taking evidence from social media sites like Facebook is now a standard practice for most family law attorneys. The general rule is: Don't put anything online (even in a private message) that you wouldn't want to be seen by a judge in the courtroom.

Illinois laws change how we talk about parenting after divorce

There are many negative connotations people have about certain legal terms, especially when it comes to family law issues. Divorce, child custody and asset division are all words and phrases that can make people feel stressed, combative and scared. Even though these are certainly difficult and emotional matters to resolve, they don't have to as bad or bitter as people expect.

Sandra Bullock adopts her second foster child

Many fans in Illinois of the actress Sandra Bullock may have learned that she recently adopted a three-year-old daughter. The child was in the foster care system in Louisiana prior to the adoption. Bullock stated that she knew her daughter would be scared and it was important for her to know that she was not going to leave her. Bullock also expressed a desire to shed light on the importance of adopting foster children.

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