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How to handle dividing a business during a divorce

Property division is a major part of the divorce process and can be challenging for many couples. The family law system provides a process for divorcing couples to value property and work out a property division settlement agreement that both spouses can live with.

What to expect when spousal support is requested during divorce

Spousal support can be one of the most stressful parts of a divorce, which is why it helps for divorcing couples to know how spousal support is determined. In essence, spousal support is requested by one of the spouses and the family law court will evaluate the request based on a number of factors.

How is property division handled in Illinois?

The property division process can cause anxiety for some divorcing spouses, which is why they should understand the process and what to expect from it. Making sure they have all their questions answered can help divorcing spouses better prioritize their interests and reach a fair settlement.

Differences between fixed and reasonable visitation plans

If one has gone through a divorce, or have always been separate from their child's parent, it is possible that their parenting rights have been downgraded or maybe they were never fully established. When a parent builds up to achieving custody, they may have to pass other benchmarks in the child custody process. One of those benchmarks may be achieving visitation rights.

Midwest man who won lottery must split winnings in divorce

Can you imagine playing the lotto and actually winning a top prize? Many can, and that's the draw that state and national lotteries have across the country. Although the odds may be against you, there are grand prize winners, fairly frequently. A Midwest man recently bought a ticket to a state lottery and won over $30 million.

Property division portion of divorce often brings questions

Making the decision to divorce isn't one that any married couple takes lightly. It came after much self-reflection and often after having several conversations with your spouse and leaning on friends and family for support. One portion of the divorce process that can bring the stress level up is the portion surrounding property division. This is mostly because people don't know what will happen with property division and the unknown can be stressful.

Bezos divorce finalized -- most assets in a divorce ever?

By now many of our readers in Illinois have probably heard about the pending divorce case involving Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man. Bezos and his wife, who were married for 25 years, initiated their divorce case earlier this year, with many people ending up stunned that the world's richest man did not have a prenuptial agreement in place. However, as many reports pointed out, Bezos and his wife got married well before Bezos made his enormous fortune, mostly from his ownership stake in the online marketplace behemoth Amazon.

What to expect in the timeline of a divorce case

Many people in Illinois who are facing a marriage that is "on the rocks" may be contemplating a move to file for divorce. People in this type of situation usually have quite a few questions about what will occur in a divorce case, if they decide to go through with it. It is important to understand the timeline of events in a divorce case.

What is a stock option and how might it affect divorce?

Some professionals and executives who work in the Rockford area may receive what are called "stock options" from their employers. These options can prove to be a valuable benefit and can be subject to a great deal of controversy in a divorce or legal separation.

Prenuptial agreements and protecting one's business

Many people in the Rockford area and throughout Illinois support themselves through a family business, an enterprise which they have built from scratch or from some other form of self-employment. Often, a person's business is more than just a source of income. It is a living symbol of years of time and effort. Moreover, one's interest in a business, including a family business, can be a significant source of wealth.

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