Aug 27, 2014 | Divorce


Illinois fans of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey may be aware that divorce rumors have surrounded this couple for a while. Canon even recently admitted that they both live in separate houses and sources say that divorce is very likely. They have been separated since May. The couple has 3-year-old twins and Cannon and Carey have reportedly been working out a custody arrangement and property settlement. The couple married in 2008.


The end of a marriage can be a very emotional time for the people involved. There are various reasons people get divorced, but generally neither party is happy with the other one, which can make the divorce process difficult. Despite the ill will they may have towards each other, there are still many issues that must be resolved during a divorce.

If the couple has children they will have to make custody determinations and child support will likely need to be established. One of the parties may also want alimony. They will also have to divide their debts and assets, which can become much more complicated if it is a high asset divorce. Each of these issues can have their own complications and as each divorce is unique, the resolution of each issue will be different in every divorce.

A couple also has different options on how they will handle the divorce. They can come to an agreement on how they will settle the various issues, or they can have a judge decide for them after a trial. Generally, the courts would like for couples to make decisions on their own and oftentimes a couple will go to mediation in order to help resolve their differences. However, if need be, a judge will make the decision for them.


Source: Parade, “Nick Cannon confirms separation from wife Mariah Carey: ‘We have been living in separate houses’” Erin Hill, Aug. 22, 2014