Obtaining help from Illinois Domestic Violence Victim Services

Dec 4, 2014 | Domestic Violence

With the recent news surrounding NFL running back Ray Rice’s domestic assault case, there is a lot of attention being paid to domestic violence in general. This is an issue that is unfortunately prevalent in Illinois as well as the rest of the nation. Domestic violence, which can involve more than just physical abuse, can be very traumatizing and in many instances, the victims need legal help in dealing with the situation. However, many domestic violence victims may not know where or how to obtain that help.

One place victims can initially turn to is the Domestic Violence Victim Services provided by the Illinois Department of Human Services. There are programs located throughout Illinois to assist victims of domestic abuse. The services are free and anyone can use them. There is a helpline that the victim can call without leaving their home or the abuser. The helpline will then determine what is the best plan for the victim.

There are many other services provided to victims as well. For starters, there is a 24-hour helpline to provide support. There are also counseling services, safety planning, working with the police to protect the victim and his or her family, temporary housing or food, services for children, educational programs about domestic violence, and others.

Domestic violence can be a very difficult issue to address for the victims. These services help the victims deal with the violence in the appropriate manner in addition to providing victims with services to help them live while dealing with the situation.

Domestic violence is a problem in Illinois and the services provided by the Illinois Department of Human services can be very beneficial for the victims. There are also other legal solutions that the victims can obtain such as restraining orders and other family-related court orders. Experienced attorneys understand these legal solutions and may be able to help protect victims from future abuse.

Source: Illinois Department of Human Services, “Domestic Violence Victim Services” accessed on Dec. 2, 2014.