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Real Estate Attorney in Rockford, IL

Are you in the process of selling your home in Rockford, IL? Buying a home in Illinois? In a foreclosure or bankruptcy and own real estate in the state of Illinois? We at the Law Office of Bradley R. Tengler, P.C. focus on helping homeowners in all situations. From short sales to closings for a carefully negotiated home purchase, our lawyer will help you through the process.

Are you in the process of selling your home in Rockford, IL?

Many of our clients have found the complex web of contracts, disclosures, and regulations to be a legal minefield. Our firm has mitigated the risk to our real estate clients starting with costly setbacks and allowing them to invest in peace of mind. As you may realize, the real estate landscape in Illinois and nationwide is constantly changing. Our seasoned Rockford Illinois real estate lawyers will remain your strategic ally through unraveling complexities and safeguarding arguably one of your most important purchases.

Inspect the contractual fine print

This may include the crafting and scrutinizing of contracts to ultimately ensure you understand buyer obligations, contingency clauses, and closing procedures without surprises to you and your family.

Clean title concerns

Research and find any hidden liens, outstanding property taxes, or unknown ownership disputes before they become concerns in your sale. A clean title equals smoother sailing.

Negotiate on your behalf

Navigating counteroffers with a legal professional increases the chances of protecting your bottom line on fair terms.

Shielding you from liability

A real estate lawyer can ensure proper disclosures further mitigate risks, protecting you from future headaches.

Don’t leave your most significant asset vulnerable to legal pitfalls and welcome a seamless process based on legal protections.


There is no charge for an initial consultation with attorney Brad Tengler. Contact our Rockford Illinois real estate lawyers today for real estate matters at 815-515-4168 to schedule an appointment. Located in Rockford, we handle cases throughout the nearby Illinois areas.