Reasons Why Divorce Rates Are Rising During Covid 19 – You Are Not Alone

Oct 30, 2020 | Covid-19, Divorce

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused United States divorce rates to substantially rise. The trend could continue during the second half of this year, with predictions of a 10-15 percent increase in divorce rates.

In a world free of COVID-19, relationship counselors typically report that the most common tensions between couples arise from financial disputes, boredom, parenting disagreements and chores around the house.

Let’s take a look at reasons why many marital relationships are currently suffering, specifically focusing on the pandemic’s impact

What are Common Pandemic-Induced Reasons Couples Are Seeking Divorce in Such High Numbers?


When couples spend extended periods of time together in close quarters, conflicts can arise. An added stressor is that the busy routine of many people’s lives has been interrupted, with work becoming remote and people more widely expected to stay inside their houses. This abrupt shift to a more isolated lifestyle can cause harm, especially for couples with previously brewing issues.

Domestic Violence

Since the beginning of the pandemic, domestic violence calls have risen substantially. The Domestic Violence Hotline has experienced a 9 percent increase in calls, in comparison to last year’s numbers. Helpmate, a crisis response organization, has additionally experienced a large rise in calls, receiving 2,375 hotline calls and sheltering nearly 200 individuals from April 1-September 30.

Financial Stress

According to a Pew Research study, attitudes on a global scale are more negative toward the current economy caused by the ongoing pandemic, when compared to attitudes during the Great Recession in 2008.

As the economy suffers, couples are suffering as well, as they experience financial issues and job losses. These factors often put heavy strains on relationships.

Mental Illness

The self-isolation caused by COVID-19 can negatively impact individuals’ mental health, which could lead to relationship tensions. Mental illness is already a large factor in marital relationships, and our new way of living certainly does not relieve this prevalent obstacle.

One way to examine why and how individuals’ mental health is currently suffering is through examination of the Phases of Disaster curve. The Phases of Disaster is a model outlining the phases a community goes through in the wake of major disasters. The curve begins with community-shared positive energy, as a majority of the community believes they will unite and get through the traumatic event together. However, this positive energy dissolves after a couple of weeks, and the disillusionment phase of the model begins. During the disillusionment phase, depression and hopelessness set in.

More time to research online

As states continue to enforce different levels of quarantine guidelines and business closures, and people continue working remotely, people have had more time to search the web. This newly freed up time can be spent digging for information about the pros and cons of divorce, convincing some that it might be a necessary choice.

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