Jun 27, 2018 | Child Support


As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, there are a variety of means by which a parent in Rockford who is not getting paid child support as owed can force the other parent to pay their debt. From financial methods like charging interest or having a wage withholding in place, to more serious penalties like license suspensions and even jail time, the law in Illinois allows for a variety of means to get parents to support their children.

Indeed, parents and their children should not need to go without the help of the other parent. However, there is another side to child support enforcement, and that is those cases in which parents fall behind for a legitimate reason.

“Life happens,” and because of that, a parent who is responsible and willing to pay support may not be able to because of sudden, and perhaps undeserved, job loss or layoff. In other cases, a parent may suffer a medical emergency or other financial crisis. While one would hope that the other parent would be understanding in these sorts of situations, such is not always the case. Moreover, some child support enforcement actions are initiated by Illinois authorities.

In these sorts of cases, our law office represent parents who are facing legal trouble because of being behind in child support. We may be able to help the person get a modification of the support order so that payments are not so high. We may also be able to help negotiate a reasonable repayment plan so that our clients do not need to face to the worst consequences of an enforcement action.