Sep 26, 2013 | Family Law


A local Rockford adoption agency is currently seeking same-sex couples as adoptive parents. While there has been change in society’s attitude towards same-sex couples adopting children, the adoption agency’s request is still controversial to some. One local gay person who is an adoptive parent says that he was worried that other children would tease his adopted children since they had two fathers. However, he says that the love he receives from his children and the satisfaction he has being a parent makes it worth it.

A meeting will be held next month in Loves Park for same-sex couples who are contemplating adoption. The meeting will inform same-sex couples about the adoption process. It is also to let them know that they will be treated fairly throughout the process.

For those in domestic partnerships and other gay couples, they will experience a very similar adoption process as heterosexual couples. However, the adoption process is an area of family law that can have many complications. It is also a very detailed process. Same-sex couples in the Rockford area will also have to make sure that in the end both parents have legal rights to the adopted child. There are different types of adoptions, such as secondary parent, stepparent or joint adoptions. Each have their own processes and unique requirements. Research on each type of adoption could benefit same sex couples wanting to start a family through adoption.

While this may seem like a daunting process, other same-sex parents in Rockford have gone through the process. There are many useful resources available for those contemplating adoption that can help guide people through the process.

Source: WTSP 10 News, “Adoption agency requests gay couples,” Sept. 17, 2013