Dec 20, 2018 | Family Law

Illinois had a busy legislative season this year, and some of the state’s new laws, many of which take effect in the upcoming weeks. On January 1, a new law may provide additional protection to victims, or potential victims, of domestic violence.

For instance, one law allows for the confiscation of a person’s firearms. Specifically, concerned family members or even law enforcement officers can petition a court for an order allowing authorities to temporarily take a person’s guns.

The petitioner must show some evidence that the person is a threat either to himself or to those around him. But, the good thing is that one need not wait until a crime involving gun violence, including a domestic violence incident, actually happens before one can do anything about it.

Although, it may not have as direct of a bearing on stopping domestic violence, another law expands the definition of stalking to include communicating with a victim over popular social media platforms, like Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, the law will allow businesses, including educational institutions and places of worship, to ask for anti-stalking restraining orders.

How these laws may affect those facing family law issues, particularly when domestic violence is a factor, remains to be seen. Those with detailed questions about these new laws may want to consider speaking with an experienced Rockford family law attorney about them. In some cases, these new laws may even open up legal avenues to victims of abuse that were not available to them previously. Residents should also remember that more conventional means of stopping domestic violence and abuse, like a protective order, remain available.