Garbage In = Garbage Out for Child Support

When child custody is a factor in your divorce, providing accurate financial information to your legal counsel is of critical importance to determining child support payments. The phrase “garbage in = garbage out” refers to circumstances in which the use of inaccurate data (garbage in) in a...

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Options for 50/50 Schedules for Kids

As you work with your children’s other parent on setting up a placement schedule, there are myriad options to choose from. Even parents who coparent very well together and take things week by week often like to agree upon a set “default” schedule so that, should there ever be a disagreement, there...

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What Counts as “Income” for Child Support Purposes?

Child support is used to ensure that children are taken care of and that both parents are financially supporting the children. Ideally, children should be able to maintain a certain living standard even after their parents are divorced and child support allows their basic needs to be met, no...

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