How to Prepare for Divorce in Illinois

Are you considering or pursuing divorce in Illinois? If so, thorough preparation is essential because it will allow you to navigate this challenging and emotional process with clarity and confidence. Effective preparation enables you to approach your divorce with a clear mind and realistic...

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How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Illinois?

Divorce can be expensive in Illinois. Hiring a divorce attorney to represent you is only one essential expense of this legal process. You may also need to pay court fees and, potentially, expert witness costs as well. If you are facing a divorce in Illinois, it is important to understand what...

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Is Divorce in Illinois 50-50?

When it comes to dividing property in a divorce Illinois uses an equitable distribution approach. Does this mean divorce in Illinois is 50-50? The short answer to this question is no. Few states use the community property approach, which would result in an automatic 50-50 split, but in Illinois, a...

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