Jan 15, 2015 | Divorce


Divorces in Illinois can take some time to complete. There are many issues that arise during the divorce process that must be dealt with before the divorce is finalized. However, many times the couple starts living apart at the beginning of the divorce. This means that many of the issues that must be determined during the divorce will become issues prior to the divorce being complete.

Many issues that come up during the divorce are financial issues. The couple, who had been living together and sharing all the expenses, are suddenly living apart and trying to figure out how to pay for both of their individual financial needs. If one spouse earns more than the other, the other spouse may need support to make payments for the home or for other needs, and the children may be in need of child support as well.

Either spouse is allowed to seek temporary support during the divorce. This can include both spousal maintenance and child support. The spouse seeking the support must file an affidavit stating why they should receive the maintenance, and if there is a need a temporary order of support may be granted.

A spouse may also seek an order that prevents the other spouse from doing certain activities. These include disposing of assets or money outside of normal expenditures for daily life or preventing one parent from moving a child outside the jurisdiction of the court.

Temporary orders are needed in some divorces in Illinois. However, these orders can be very complicated matters. This post only contains general information and is not legal advice. Individuals should make sure to do their research in order to gain more knowledge about temporary orders in Illinois.


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