Jan 4, 2019 | Divorce


There is a fairly common conception, largely based on anecdotal evidence, that a lot of couples in Rockford and in other parts of the country face divorce or permanent separation at the first part of every new year, starting in January.

It turns out that a recent study of the number of divorce filings in another state confirms that the rumor of January’s being Divorce Month to be at least partially true. This study attracted the attention of at least one national media outlet.

According to the study, January is not the month in which most people file for divorce. That title belongs to March, followed closely by August. However, January has a remarkably high number of filings when compared with October, November, and December of the previous year. The study reviewed filings over about 15 years, making it less likely that the year-end trailing off of filings is just some sort of fluke.

Although more analysis needs to be done, people suggested some reasons for why divorce filings tend to be higher in the earlier and middle part of the year, and, particularly, in March and August. Some suggested, for instance, that a couple might not want to upset their children, or other relatives, with a split right around the time of the major holidays.

On the other side of the coin, other people suggested that the reason March and August have such a high rate of filings is that couples often use Valentine’s Day, or a summer vacation, as a last ditch effort to save their relationship. When that effort fails, one of them heads to court.

For whatever reason, there is an increased likelihood over the next few months that a Rockford resident is going to require the assistance of a family law attorney for help resolving issues like parental responsibilities, child support, alimony, and property division.