Apr 19, 2013 | Divorce


So you’ve finally closed the door on one of the longest chapters of your life-your marriage. Why not go out with a bang? One of the latest trends in divorce proceedings is to turn the event of a divorce into a reason for a celebration by having a “divorce party.” Embarking on a new life of singleness is to be celebrated, rather than mourned. You entered your marriage by throwing a party; why not end your marriage doing the same? The following are a few reasons why throwing a divorce party may be just what you need to celebrate your new identity as a single individual.

Leave the past behind you. In throwing a divorce party, divorcees are encouraged to put behind them the stress, pain, and sadness that so often accompany divorce, and to celebrate their new identity as a single person. Forget what your ex has done to hurt you; forget the insecurities that your past relationship has forced you to believe about yourself; forget the drama you’ve experienced during your marriage; and, move forward. During your divorce party, allow yourself to embrace your positive qualities. Knowing you have the support of those you love as your lifestyle completely changes can be just what you need for your own emotional well-being.

Appreciate those who have stood by your side. While a divorce party is generally thrown for the purpose of empowering the recently divorced individual, this event is the perfect time and place for the divorcee to celebrate and thank all those who stood by him/her during the marriage. If you are fortunate enough to have a group of family/friends who stood by your side and offered love and advice both before and during your relationship, now is the time to show your appreciation. While your loved ones are all gathered together to show yet another display of support for you, take advantage of this opportunity and thank them all at once.

Out with the old, in with the new. Divorce parties, depending on the setting, can be an excellent way for you to step outside of your box and embrace your singleness. Whether you have plans to remain single for a while, or to jump right into the dating scene, use this night to get off on the right foot. Flirt a little bit, get comfortable in your skin as a newly singly man or woman. Or simply enjoy your night as a single person, free from having to answer to a spouse at any time during your big night out. Your freedom and independence as a single individual is something to celebrate.

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