Jan 31, 2014 | Divorce


Flowers, chocolate hearts, jewelry and pink. Lots of pink. Those are some of the signs Cupid is on his way.

But Valentine’s Day isn’t always a love-filled occasion for some. In fact, divorce lawyers have seen a growing trend of filings around Feb. 15, the day after the holiday. Much like the increase seen at the beginning of the year, the rise in divorce filings in February could be connected to all the love surrounding Valentine’s Day.

As spouses end up spending time and money on their significant other they might begin to find they aren’t in love with that person anymore. According to CNN a study done by found on average the month of February had 18 percent more divorce filings than any other month. The site also found a 38 percent increase in referrals for a divorce lawyer.

CNN also reported bankruptcy filings are high in January as well, which could be a contributing factor for filing divorce as spouses look for a fresh start.

It has become such a trend that one Michigan lawyer offered a free divorce in the month of February in 2013, according to ABC News. Attorney Walter Bentley to ABC by Feb. 11 last year more than 500 people had applied for the offer.

While divorce is something people generally contemplate for a while the reason for filings in February could be a carryover from January and the new year. As people begin to take stock in their lives they re-evaluate where they headed as the New Year starts to take shape.

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