Video released brings awareness to domestic violence against men

Jun 13, 2014 | Domestic Violence

There are many people in Illinois who have had to deal with domestic violence in some manner. Some people are the victims and others have family members or friends who have been victims. It can be very devastating for the victim and the people who know them. Generally, these victims are women and most people think of women as the victims of domestic violence. However, many men are also victims.

One group has been trying to bring awareness to this fact. They recently released a video which first shows a man displaying abusive behavior towards a woman. Many people walking by made comments to the man saying that he better stop. Then the man and woman reversed roles and most people did nothing, while some even smiled about it. The video demonstrates the double standard in people’s perception of domestic violence between men and women.

The group wants to bring awareness to the fact that men can also be victims of domestic violence. One out of 14 men are victims of domestic violence. Many other men are most likely victims as well, but they do not report it and do not take any action to protect themselves. The group also provides resources to men who are victims of domestic abuse.

Both men and women who are victims of domestic abuse can take steps to help protect themselves. One way is to obtain an Order of Protection which prohibits an abuser from having any contact with the victim, including physical, phone, or electronic communication. There are also three different orders of protection depending on how long the protection is needed. There is an emergency order, a temporary order or one for long-term protection.

There are many victims of domestic violence in Illinois every year, both men and women. These victims can take steps to protect themselves with orders of protection. Victims should educate themselves on the legal steps needed to get an order of protection to help prevent future abuse.

Source: New York Daily News, “See It: English charity releases video to advocate for male victims of domestic abuse” Joel Landau, May 26, 2014