Dec 13, 2018 | Family Law

A previous post on this blog talked about why a QDRO, or qualified domestic relations order, is so important to so many Rockford-area couples who may be going through a divorce or legal separation. As that post mentioned, a lawyer who is preparing a QDRO faces a critically important task. Even if all sides are in agreement, the details of this court order can make or break a person financially and, to some extent legally. Not drafting the order as the parties intended can spell delays and, at worst, the loss of money.

QDROs raise a broader question that all Illinois residents need to consider when they are hiring a family law attorney. It is, of course, the case that a skilled family law attorney needs to have the legal knowledge and skill to be an outstanding investigator, negotiator and, as necessary, advocate in court. Being weak in any one of these areas can mean that a client does not get what he or she truly deserves or, at best, leaves with the impression that his or her story was just not told.

However, family law attorneys have to be able to do more even after the dust has seemingly settled on case. For instance, a plan describing the allocation of parental responsibilities needs to be sufficiently clear and detailed to ensure there are no problems down the road, or if there are, that they do not blow up in to unnecessary conflict.

Likewise, in addition to QDROs, an attorney may have to take other steps to be sure property division is properly and promptly carried out. This may include executing deeds and other documents. And, our law firm specializes in crafting these types of plans and fighting for the rights of our clients.