Feb 5, 2018 | Divorce


If your spouse serves you with divorce papers, you might feel surprised or shocked. You have been married for several years and have always managed to make it through the rocky times together. You know things have not been perfect in your relationship and thought you were making progress in moving past them. Divorce is an unpleasant reality for many people in the Rockford area. It can also lead to much confusion and conflict when there are high-value assets involved.

Try not to let your feeling take over and cause you to say and do things to aggravate the situation. Though you feel blindsided by your partner, there are some things for you to consider if you do not feel ready for divorce.

Talk to your spouse

There are many reasons for marriages to end. Talk to your partner to learn why he or she wants to end your relationship. There may be some miscommunication going on that has you both on separate pages. Maybe your partner feels unloved. There is also the possibility he or she has already moved on and is romantically involved with someone else. Use the information you gained from the conversation to figure out if your relationship is salvageable. You might need to work with a therapist or counselor to decide what is best.

Speak to an attorney

You need to know your options. In Illinois, only one person needs to file for divorce. Filing starts the legal separation process. Depending on your circumstances, the waiting period might not apply for your divorce. You might feel that dragging your feet and being uncooperative can help delay the process. Those actions will do that and cause you to incur significant divorce expenses. Your actions could also you not to focus and fight as hard for your assets as you should.

The outcome of divorce depends on many factors, including the amount and quality of effort you put into protecting yourself and dependents. Speaking to an attorney can help you to navigate through the challenges you may encounter and improve your chances of a favorable divorce settlement.