Nov 6, 2019 | Child Support


Child support is intended to cover a variety of different expenses that parents should be familiar with. In addition to basic expenses, such as food, clothing and shelter, there are other expenses that child support is intended to help with, which is why both parents should understand what child support can be used for.

The costs associated with raising a child can be significant, ranging from childcare and education costs to medical costs and basic needs. Child support expenses include basic necessities, medical care, educational fees, childcare costs, entertainment costs, transportation and travel costs, extracurricular activities and college expenses.

Medical care costs can include extraordinary costs that are not covered by medical insurance. Parents are typically required to provide medical insurance for their children and, if one of the parents has medical insurance offered through an employer, they will usually be required to carry the medical insurance for their child. Extraordinary expenses not covered by health insurance may be paid with child support in some circumstances, including co-pays, deductibles and other uncovered medical costs. Child support may also be used for dental braces, casts, eyeglasses and other special health care costs.

Determining which expenses are covered by child support can also differ by jurisdiction, so parents should understand their child support agreement. If they are struggling to pay or enforce child support, they should also be familiar with family law resources that can help them address their child support concerns. An attorney can answer any questions you have regarding child support.