Oct 9, 2014 | Family Law

There are many children in Illinois who are currently in foster care with no permanent home. There are also many other families who are seeking to adopt a child. Despite this, the adoption process is not that simple. Adoption of a child in foster care is generally beneficial for the child. However, the state wants to ensure that the best interests of the child are being met when they are adopted by a family.

In order to ensure that the situation would be in the child’s best interests, there are a list of factors that a guardian and the court must analyze. These factors are: the wishes of the child; the interaction and relationship the child has with the family wanting to adopt; the child’s need to continue a relationship with parental figures; the wishes of the child’s biological parent prior to the parent’s consent to adoption; the child’s adjustment to school and community; the child’s relationship with siblings and other family members; the mental and physical stability of all parties involved; the background and living arrangements of the adoptive parents and the criminal background check of the adoptive parents.

While the child’s guardian can consent to the adoption after analyzing these factors, ultimately the court makes the final decision. The court can either grant or deny an adoption, no matter the wishes of the child’s guardian.

There are many families who would love to adopt a child for various reasons. The family law courts would like to unite loving families with children who are in need of adoption but want to ensure that the family is the right fit for the child. Adoption can be a complicated process and attorneys understand it. They may be helpful as one attempts to adopt a child into their family.

Source: Illinois General Assembly, “Illinois Compiled Statute 750 ILCS 50/15.1,” accessed on October 6, 2014