Sep 11, 2019 | Child Custody


Thinking about your children, you only want the best for them. That is true in all things, but especially their child custody arrangement. When a family decides to get a divorce, it can mean a lot of changes for the children involved. However, there are ways to amicably transition into this new phase in all of your lives. Often, joint custody, is a means in which parents and families transition into new lifestyles after a divorce.

Joint custody is just what it sounds like, where two parties share custody of the child. However, there are two different types of custody and joint custody may not be determined for each. One is physical custody, where the child resides and spends their time, and the other is legal custody which pertains to the decisions that need to be made in a child’s life. It’s possible to have joint custody in both categories, and this really works well for parents who communicate well and have an amicable relationship.

Many want as least stress as possible when it comes to the divorce process and their child custody arrangement. It’s possible if you and your divorcing spouse are good communicators and can agree on many topics. The less strain between the parents can often be beneficial for the children involved. It allows everyone to focus on the child’s transition into two households, rather than the one they were used to.

It’s possible to be divorced and be great parents. Obviously, it can take more work and planning, but it’s something plenty of families have mastered. Setting expectations and communicating are two great ways to ensure that joint custody works for your family.