Mar 12, 2020 | Divorce


The newest statistics indicate that Illinois has some of the lowest divorce rates in the nation. Data from the United States Census Bureau indicates that only 6.6% of marriages in Illinois end in divorce. Divorce rates in the nation are generally going down, but the national average population of divorced people is about 16%, by comparison.

So, does Illinois have some kind of special power that is keeping couples together? Not really. Here are some of the reasons that divorce is on the decline in Illinois and elsewhere:

  1. Fewer people are getting married. Fewer than 65% of the population in the state above 15 years of age are actually married in the first place. A dearth of marriages means fewer divorces.
  2. People are getting married later — and having children later. Just 20 years ago, men and women were typically in their mid-twenties when they married. Today, they’re more likely to be close to 30. That often translates to more mature and financially secure marriages that lack significant stress points.
  3. Delaying marriage also means that people have more time to develop their own personalities and strengths before they pair up. That may be making it easier for people to pair off with partners that are more compatible in the long-term.

The biggest reason that Illinois may rank so low in divorce compared to other states is probably mostly related to just one factor: financial concerns related to divorce. Illinois is one of the 10 most expensive states in which to obtain a divorce. Since financial problems are often a part of marital distress, trying to come up with as much as $35,000 for a divorce that involves minor children can be very tough.

Ultimately, when you see these kinds of figures, you can’t let them influence your decision to stay married or get a divorce. You have to remember that statistics don’t describe any individual situation. Since your situation is unique, get legal assistance that’s tailored to your goals.