Feb 7, 2018 | Child Custody


A previous post on this blog discussed how Rockford, Illinois, parents can compel the other parent to follow the court’s orders with respect to child custody and parenting time.

One of course hopes never to be in a situation where they have to force the other parent to do what a court has found, or event what he or she has agreed, is best for their children; however, if they do find themselves in such a situation, then they are most likely not going to get help directly from the police and will have to return to court.

In this respect, it is a good idea to have one’s attorney involved for two reasons. For one, even before trouble starts with respect to custody and parenting time, an attorney can help make sure that the court’s orders regarding the allocation of parenting time, or the parents’ agreement about custody and parenting time, is clearly drafted and covers all potential issues, or, at least those that are fairly obvious.

An unclear or incomplete order can, after all, give a parent who is intent on being difficult just enough legal wiggle room to interfere with custody or parenting time yet avoid getting in trouble for it.

Furthermore, as the previous post mentioned, even if it seems clear that the court’s orders have been violated, the parent who has been hurt still has to go to court, present proof, and refute whatever excuse the other parent makes for his or her behavior. This requires the same knowledge that one must have to go through any other court hearing. In this respect, the attorney at our law office has ample experience with and knowledge of custody an parenting time enforcement proceedings.