Jul 11, 2020 | Divorce


Have you and your spouse been drifting further and further apart over time? Do you suspect that your spouse is thinking about divorce? Have you been thinking about divorce?

If so, don’t be surprised if August is the tipping point in your marriage that starts the process. New divorce filings increase every August — and experts are pretty sure they know why:

1. Couples try one more time to make things work during summer vacation — and fail.

A vacation pretty much eliminates all of the usual distractions and allows you to sidestep a lot of the normal pressures of life for a while. They also give couples a lot of alone time together. That can prove beneficial if outside stressors are disrupting the marriage and let couples get a new start.

Vacations can also make it painfully obvious that a couple no longer works well together, magnifying the marital problems and disputes they have. Without work, the house, relatives and friends around to distract you, you and your spouse may realize that you really just aren’t compatible.

2. Family vacations are over, but the holidays are still comfortably distant.

When couples have kids, they typically want to avoid disrupting their children’s lives as much as possible — particularly during times that they want the kids to remember as special, like family vacations and the holidays.

Since the kids are going back to school but the holidays are still months away, parents who are unhappily married usually feel like they either need to act right away to start the divorce process or wait until the new year begins.

If you believe that a divorce is likely in your future, why wait to seek legal guidance? An experienced attorney can help you understand what will likely happen in your case and explain how you can take steps to protect your interests.