Sep 6, 2019 | Child Custody


When you become a parent, many will agree that the decisions you used to make would focus mostly on yourself. Now, as a parent, your decisions often largely focus on the best interests of your child. This is true for both single parents are those who are together. However, when it comes to child custody arrangement, you may be wondering if it holds you back from relocating.

Oftentimes, child custody arrangements are made when the child is young, until roughly 18 years of age. Lots can happen in between the start of the child custody arrangement and the end of said arrangement. While you are a committed father or mother, you may be wondering if your entire life has to stop if you need to or prefer to relocate. Generally this is something that would need to be petitioned to the court and approved before moving forward.

At the Law Office of Bradley R Tengler PC, we know how important family is. We also know how a parent needs to have the freedom to live their life and make the best choices for themselves and those around them. Sometimes a parent wants to relocate for a career opportunity. Other times it has to do with other family members and their needs.

Whatever the situation, it may be possible to redraft an existing child custody arrangement to account for a parent’s relocation. Not all relocation requests will be approved. It’s important to understand what might change if a parent asks to relocate within a child custody arrangement.